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My Approach: "Beauty in growth"

"I don't believe therapy helps 'fix' or 'change' people: it helps us un-become years of conditioning and let go of those parts of us we developed in order survive. It helps us shed the ego and heal trauma in order to thrive. Therapy is an opportunity to learn who we are, re-become ourselves, and live an authentic and joyful life"

When we arrive as students, patients or clients it's sometimes easy to feel 'broken, stupid or less than' –not here though. Here we arrive as equals, with different experiences and different tools to help each other better understand the world around us. We work together to dissect, neutralize and transmute even the most painful of experiences into beautiful opportunities for growth...




Each of us are  brought here to learn

For me these lessons began when I came out of the womb; as my mother would attest to, I came out screaming and difficult. I was ultra-sensitive, mind and body from the day I took my first breath. I was allergic my mother's breast milk, I had physical symptoms doctors did not have answers to, I was in pain due to severe unexplained rashes, and I was unable to be soothed- emotionally or physically.


As a child and adolescent, I struggled to find balance between my inherent athleticism, my strong work ethic (I had a paper route at age 10), my academic aptitude and my social charisma, as these traits were painfully intertwined with bouts of anger, anxiety and an impossible ability to regulate my emotions. I was constantly searching for ways to feel better, to feel safe, to feel at ease, to succeed, and to enjoy life. My young parents tried their best, but in the 80's and 90's mental health was not something that people discussed freely or knew how to treat.  I was labeled 'behavioral"  and put on medication at age 12, which did not work. 


These early challenges set the stage for a personal passport of addictions, unhealthy relationships, perfectionism, obsessions with my appearance, over-achieving, and a string of self-destructive behaviours that eventually culminated in what can only be described as a series of "Tower Moments" (painful catalysts for growth). Through it all, I worked hard, I did well at school, I excelled in sports, I made money, I had friends, and some would say everything looked pretty perfect - on the outside. The inside was a different story. 

The masks we create for ourselves to 'get by' are pretty outstanding. I would argue these masks are a good survival strategy. However, if we want to be truly happy, when and if we are ready, we need to remove them. 

Some of the most poignant 'tower moments' in my life, included being in an induced coma from a traumatic brain injury at age 17. The resulting insomnia, depression, and increased anxiety, led only to more impulsivity, and attempts to numb and quiet my mind, especially since I was no longer allowed to play volleyball, or work, (my only 'healthy' coping strategies) all while being determined to get into university, to succeed and to prove my worth to the outside world. I see now, this was the impetus for my obsession with neuroscience, mood and addiction.  


I integrated these life lessons alongside obtaining numerous therapy and healing certifications, my BA in Psychology, a Bachelor of Social Work and a Masters of Social Work. 


I am skilled at treating trauma, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders for the above reasons.  I feel grateful I have the privilege to sit with people through their pain. Although it is emotional for me and more so for my clients, it truly is an honor for me to hold space for vulnerability and growth. 

I know my purpose in life has been to experience difficulty, to access help to overcome my challengeds, to learn different ways of healing, and then to help and teach others to do the same. We all go through pain, life is HARD. You are not alone. 


they call us "the wounded healers" 

Today I hold space as an accoladed Psychotherapist who helps move others through painful lessons and see themselves in higher (truer) lights that serve their greatest potentials.

Clients who come to me share stories and experiences of struggling to move through trauma, grief, depression, addiction, abuse and various forms of self-harm. I have spent years working with marginalized youth, immigrants, women and victims of abuse –all of whom share the same light, buried under circumstances largely beyond their control. This doesn't need to keep being their story.

Which is why it has become my life's work to better understand and help guide others through their darkest hours, so they can rediscover their light, their strength and write their next greatest chapter. 


but our stories are still being written

The most empowering part of what I get to do is work with others who truly have the capacity and willingness to change.

The space I hold for others is a space where personal histories, rituals and ceremonies are honoured and transmuted. We look beyond the past and forge new horizons based on the versions of ourselves we want to be: not the ones we were told we had to be. 

I witness the greatest transformation in clients who come to me with curiosity and an open mind. We merge elements of their experiences with integrative therapies to help stimulate new neural pathways, widen their horizons and untangle years of 'mixed signals' so they can return home to who they truly were all along. 

Everything I have come here to experience
has helped guide the way for others


Credentials and Experience

BA in psychology

BSW of (Bachelor of Soci


[Still writing this] Will want to briefly summarize work with Childrens Aid, The Story Isn't Over, University of Toronto Mindfulness instructor, other clincs, etc. 

I have initatied community support programs. Helping to create foodbanks, make sure noxoline kits (fetanoyln) 


current areas of focus 

This is where we mention that you are focused on living a healthy and grounded life. You are enrolled in Quantum University, pursuing your Doctorate in Integrative Medicine. If you feel comfortable you can share that you are working with others in your field to open to the door to new therapeutic options in the fields of plant medicine, psychotropics, etc. 

This is a nice place to talk about how Eden is your therapy dog in training too, since we wanted to find a way to include the picture. The rest is up to you as to what you feel is important to include. It might be nice to talk about how you're currently being invited as a guest speaker/host at retreats and looking forward to holding more space like this in coming chapters (Universal future speak).

[Put a lead here, like 'contact me' for opportunities to host retreats] 

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